Dejan Milić


Years at Simes:

24 Years

Years in the Industry:

30 Years


Wind Park Bijela

Solar power plant Prediš-Čevo

Small Hydropower plants Ljevak & Mišnića potok

Data Center Ubli – Podgorica

Complex 3 exclusive villas – Đuraševići, Tivat

Nikki Beach resort (including 5-star hotel)

The Music Center of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Cinematheque

Dukley Gardens


Porto Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

Addiko Bank

Big Fashion shopping mall

Butiko shopping mall

Business center Donja Gorica

Business center Betula

Villa Mandragora

Strp Villa “Laurus”

Exclusive complex of 4 villas – Krašići, Tivat

Hotel Breza

As chief executive officer, Dejan Milic is responsible for all operations within the family of: Simes ING, Simes NET and companies of Solar, Wind and Mini Hydro plants. Together with top senior executive management Dejan, as CEO leads a group of young people that includes engineers from all areas. Before becoming CEO of “Simes Inženjering” now leading in RSE (OIE), he was engaged by a Canadian company as a member of the emergency disaster recovery team in Operations before and after hurricane “Katarina”.

Dejan joined “Expertech” in the field of Telecommunications, following several project assignments in both Canada and the United States, settled in Windsor as a manager in 2001.

With over 27 years of variety industry experience, Dejan possesses a wealth of knowledge of both MEP and the construction industry. His international experience starting in Russia overtime changed focus from ELV and technical protection systems in the Central Bank (city Uljanovsk), over BMS installation to full MEP design, execution and maintenance specialization.  

Now working on technologies of the future, along with supporting and developing our partners and enthusiastic people all over the region, through different “Startup”s, showing his leadership mindset and commitment to build long lasting relationships with all members of the company.

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