Vladimir Kaluđerović

Project Manager - Maintenance

Years at Simes:

17 Years

Years in the Industry:

20 Years


Simes start 2007, Maintenance of TC Delta 2008-2014, Maintenance of Hypo alpe adria bank 2007-2014, Maintenance of Addiko banka 2014-2024, Maintenance and execution of Podgorica banka-Societe général Montenegro 2009-2016, Execution of works and maintenance of Sveti Stefan 2009-2024, Maintenance and execution of works First Financial bank 2010-2014, Maintenance Universal Capital Bank 2016-2024, Execution of works Porto Montenegro 2010-2013, Porto Novi 2014-2017?, Maintenance according to tenders MUP 2014-2024, Maintenance according to tenders State Property Administration 2018 -2024, Maintenance and implementation according to tenders Ministry of Defense 2018-2024, Soil cultivation and cultivation of industrial hemp 2020-2021